Recipes For (Times Of) Disaster

Fire Cider


Quick lesson on making medicine...Fire cider. Slice lemons and other citrus. Onion. Garlic. Turmeric (powdered is okay) Horseradish. Ginger. All grated. Peppercorns. Oregano (or your choice). Bay leaf. Layer in glass jars. Fill with apple cider vinegar. Close (with parchment between your cider and metal lid to prevent rust and ruin.) Sit on a dark shelf for thirty days (or whenever you need it). Strain, add honey, bottle up. Tablespoon or so daily for all that ails. 🖤

Making Tinctures


Collect herbs. Chop and dice and grate. Add to a well-cleaned glass bottle. (Grab your recycling and reuse!) Cover the herbs in alcohol like vodka or grain but if all you have is scotch or tequila, use that. Cover. Put up for 30 days (or until you need it).

The pictures are a batch of mullein, mint, oregano, plantain (literally from my friend’s sidewalk), elecampane, lemon peel and habanero peppers that I made today.

Already on my shelves... goldenseal and myrrh in brandy for wet infections (like teeth, gums and SORE THROAT. Gargle with it!

Nettles and cannabis (cause I had an abundance of both 😉). We’ll see about its medicinal value. Should be powerful...

“Immunity” that I’ve been taking for years thanks to Sienna and Patrick Fisher❣️ It is echinacea, goldenseal, horseradish, garlic, osha root, usnea (sp?), cayenne pepper in vodka/alcohol. Kills all kind of sick germs.

Add a little (or a lot) of cayenne to almost everything. It is a catalyst that helps everything in potions and food work together. Cayenne. Cayenne.

I’m feeling amazingly empowered to care for myself and others. You can be too. Make your body inhospitable to viruses. Add lots of things that keep it clean. Consume lemons and fruit in all kinds of ways. Keep your bowels open. (Yup. I said it) Use garlic and onions and parsley in what you cook. NO DAIRY. NO DAIRY. NO DAIRY!

Even now I’m awed by how these gardens I’ve been part of are supporting us in real time. Start looking around outside your home. Are there places to plant? Save cardboard. We gonna teach you how to use that lawn you’ve been mowing...soon.

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